Im getting off for a while bye

If you don’t think men can be raped or sexually assaulted then get the fuck away from me

im a role model

im a role model

Me and tumblr user purplebeards are officially the Leah Estrogen Defence Squadron.
She searches.
I destroy.

you're absolute one of my favorite blogs, I love to see your posts on my dash, I love to see you talk about Star Wars. Star Wars is always a good memory in my back <3

One time I was having a public conversation with an anon and he told me he gave his boyfriend a handjob in a university library and also tried to suck his own dick and to this day I still ponder the identity of this anon


i love people responding to their pets’ noises with ‘i know’

I can’t believe anyone would ever talk shit about the game cube. that is messed up

I need to make myself one of those “do it for her” posters to motivate myself